Summer Sabbath 2019 

Over the summer we are seeking embrace the spiritual discipline of Sabbath. We live in an increasingly busy world and the importance of rest and time for God has never been more relevant as we seek to offer an alternative Kingdom narrative to our hyper connected society. 

What does that look like?

Here are some of the key values we are looking to embody this summer:

1. Rest -  we want o honour our amazing volunteers by allowing as many people as possible to take a break
2. Inclusivity - to include the whole church family in our worship particularly our children. 
3. Simplicity - embracing a simpler structure allows space for rest and a lighter feel to our Sundays.
4. Experimental - opportunity to be 'different' in our approach on Sundays, to not limit our creativity.
5. Use our Space differently - we have rethought how we use our space on a Sunday morning to allow the smaller group of us meeting to be closer together, and to be an outward visible reminder that we are in a different season of the year together.

Our Summer teaching comes from the book of Psalms, another change of pace and opportunity to explore part of the bible we don't often teach from.

Our Sabbath Season runs on Sundays from 28th July, and we return to our regular Sunday pattern of worship, Junior church and youth from Sunday 15th September.

Looking for an easy way to relax and deepen your Christian journey? St Mary's recommends Summer Reading on prayer and rest. Click the link to find a few good books that have inspired us to slow down and make space for God.


Charlie Wheeler, 23/07/2019