Lent 2020 

Ash Wednesday
18398 Ash Wednesday

Begin Lent by joining us for Communion with teaching and imposition of Ashes, on Wednesday 26th February. Service take place at 10am and 8pm with the same content at each service.

Lent Book 

Engage afresh with Lent this year so that the whole church family might grow in our own relationship with God. Christians have for centuries engaged in a variety of spiritual disciplines (fasting, study, giving, prayer, bible reading etc.) during Lent to enable self-reflection and allow God’s transforming love to be at work in their lives.

To help your journey through Lent we have a variety of different resources: 

How to Pray by Pete Greig
How to Pray Book Cover

Our lent book this year is 'How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People' by Pete Greig.  The church will be ordering a few copies so please contact Andrew if you'd like one. If not they are available online wherever good books are sold.

Blurb from Eden Books:
Do you have nagging questions about prayer?
Pete Greig offers a guide that helps you hit the ground praying
You'll grow a sure-footed passion for prayer.

No one is born knowing how to pray. Jesus’ disciples, people who followed his every step and word, still had to ask for help. Imagine that. They asked the son of God how to pray. Asking how to pray can be intimidating. In fact, asking for help in any circumstance is scary. And who would you ask anyway? 

Well, written for normal people, How to Pray is a simple guide to prayer that fills in the blanks you have - and it comes from the perfect person to teach prayer. Pete Greig.

Passionate people can’t help but share their passion. For Pete Greig, seeing how much prayer has changed his life has given him a wild enthusiasm for everyone to experience it first-hand. 

Assuming no prior knowledge, this new book is a Prayer 101. How to Pray guides you through prayer with confidence and clarity. No jargon, no nonsense, no difficulty.  Just a simple guide to prayer in normal, everyday language. 

Available online here

Lent Sermons

Sermons will be uploaded here. Spend some time reflecting on what God is doing in your life.
Charlie Wheeler, 06/02/2020