Junior Church In-Person 


On the 3rd Sunday of the month, we shall be hosting Junior Church In-Person. This is aimed towards Primary School aged children. 

This will run during the 10.30 Main Service church service. It is aimed at 5-11 year olds.
Our capacity is currently significantly reduced due to social distancing, booking is essential. Details on how to book are below.

Please do not send your child or come to drop them off if they or you are unwell, have symptoms of Covid 19, or are self isolating for any reason.

How To Book 

Simply send us an email by clicking susy@stmaryshanwell.org.uk and tell us the names of the children in your household, a contact number, and whether you are booked in to attend the service in Church.

Bookings can only be made one week in advance, and the list will close at 9am on Thursday.

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Things will continue to look a little different this season so the answers below will give you an idea of what to expect:

Do I need to book?
Yes please! see the information above. 
Our capacity for Junior Church is 6 households or 15 children plus leaders.
Can be preschool children attend?
We are unable to provide a creche at this time. If you’re child is able to enter and stay in Junior  Church without their parent/guardian they can attend. However the programme will be aimed at 5-11 year olds.
What time can I drop them off?
We recommend you drop your child off at the external parish room door by 10.25am, in order for you to be in your seat for the start of the service, if you are attending the 10.30 in-person service in church.
How long will it last?
Junior Church In-Person will last the length of the In-Person service – around 35 minutes. So you need to pick your child up when the service finishes from the external parish room door.

Does my child need to wear a facemask?
Children under the age of 11 are not required to wear a facemask, however we would ask that whoever is dropping off children do so.
If you are planning to attend the service in the Church after dropping them off, it is mandatory for adults to wear masks in places of worship.
Is it like school?
The restrictions are different to school, but similar  to that of other children's groups, like uniformed organisations. Difference, they  are not bubbling together as at school, but will be socially distanced during the session.

Where is Junior Church In-Person going to be?
Junior Church will take place in the parish room as normal. However, you will be required to drop them off and pick them up at the external door down the side of church. The welcome team will direct  you.
 If you need to queue to drop off and pick up – please socially distant.
Will sanitisation facilities be available?
Children will be required to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure from Junior Church. Hand sanitiser will be available for them.
Who will my child sit with?
Children will sit with those in their house hold and socially distanced from children in other households. Whilst this can be challenging, we will do our best to keep the children socially distant.

We are working hard to maximise the space available to us while keeping everyone at a safe distance. 

Will they seperate by age group?
No. They shall be sitting in household groups, that will have their own table.
Will they share scissors and crayons?
No, each household will have their own pack with what they will need for the session. These packs will be set out on Thursday and will have be left the necessary 72 hours.

Will there be singing?
Sadly not at the moment due to current guidance for places of worship.

Will there be squash and biscuits?
At the moment we aren't able to offer refreshments. As we have recommended to those attending the main service, why not arrange to visit the café in the park before or after church.

Will the toilets be open?
Yes, but in a limited capacity. Please encourage your child/ren to go before coming to Junior Church.

What should I do if I get Covid 19 and have been to a service recently?
Should you become ill and have attended the service/Junior Church at St Mary's please let us know ASAP. We have set procedures to follow in the event of a known case of Covid in our building, and letting us know means we can do our part in keeping others safe. 

Test & Trace
We will need to store the information of your attendance, your name and contact information to be safe under the test & trace guidance. You will receive a copy when your booking is confirmed.

Susy Dand, 12/10/2020