Sermons are recorded live during each of our Service. Anyone who had missed a Service or wish to hear it again can download the recording here.

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Service DateSermon
02-04-17 sermon Sermon from 2nd April
26-03-17 sermon Sermon from 26th March
19-03-17 sermon Sermon from 19th March
05-03-17 sermon Sermon from 5th March
26-02-17 sermon Sermon from 26th February
19-02-17 sermon Sermon from 19th February
05-02-17 sermon Sermon from 5th February
29-01-17 sermon Sermon from 29th January
22-01-17 sermon Sermon from 22nd January
15-01-17 sermon Sermon from 15th January
24-12-16 sermon Sermon from the Midnight service on Christmas Eve
04-12-16 sermon Sermon from 4th December.
27-11-16 sermon Sermon from 27th November.
20-11-16 sermon Sermon from 20th November.
06-11-16 sermon Sermon from 6th November.
30-10-16 sermon Sermon from 30th October.
23-10-16 sermon Sermon from 23rd October.
16-10-16 sermon Sermon from 16th October.
25-09-16 sermon No service today due to Ealing Half Marathon
18-09-16 sermon Sermon from 18th September.
04-09-16 sermon Sermon from 4th September.
28-08-16 sermon Mark preaches, on 28th August.
21-08-16 sermon Sermon from 21st August.
07-08-16 sermon Sermon from 7th August.
31-07-16 sermon Sermon from 31st July.
24-07-16 sermon Sermon from 24th July.
17-07-16 sermon William preaches.
03-07-16 sermon Helen preaches, in our Baptism service.
29-06-16 sermon William preaches.
19-06-16 sermon John preaches.
29-05-16 sermon John preaches.
22-05-16 sermon Helen preaches.
15-05-16 sermon Helen White preaches at Pentecost.
24-04-16 sermon One of the confirmees, Gemma Eley, reads her wonderful and moving testimony as part of the Confirmation service.
24-04-16 sermon Bishop Pete preaches as 10 of us are confirmed.
03-04-16 sermon Matthew preaches.
27-03-16 sermon He is risen! Easter Day: Matthew preaches.
20-03-16 sermon Palm Sunday: Matthew preaches.
06-03-16 sermon Mothering Sunday: Helen preaches.
28-02-16 sermon Talk from Jews for Jesus.
21-02-16 sermon Helen preaches.
07-02-16 sermon Transfiguration: Matthew preaches.
31-01-16 sermon William preaches.
24-01-16 sermon Matthew preaches, this sermon also has a handout which will aid understanding and can be downloaded here
17-01-16 sermon Liz preaches.
03-01-16 sermon John preaches on the Wise Men
24-12-15 sermon Matthew preaches at the Christmas Eve midnight service
20-12-15 sermon Matthew preaches on the Anunciation
06-12-15 sermon Second Sunday in Advent, guest sermon on The Children's Society
29-11-15 sermon Sermon from the First Sunday in Advent
22-11-15 sermon Exploring Jesus' Kingship - John preaches.
15-11-15 sermon Exploring what's next - William preaches.
01-11-15 sermon Exploring Sainthood - Matthew preaches.